e-Learning service providers – how to choose a provider

Its a new year. Your organization and team is finally ready to move into e-learning. You clearly see the benefits of online learning and a powerful addition to your current training and e learning efforts. So what is the problem? Can’t choose an e learning service provider?

Let me see if I can help you choose an e-learning management system or an learning content management system!

Current options:

  1. Hosted or Application Service Provider (ASP) option
    1. The hosted option is becoming quite popular .. and for good reason. Traditional e-learning service providers have typically required huge cash or capital outlays coupled with expensive and complicated warranty or maintenance agreements. The hosted e-learning application allows companies (large and small) to easily purchase accounts that grants them use of a web-based e-learning platform. The industry term for this kind of system is Software as a Service or “Saas”.
    2. The second and more traditional option is the software and hardware install and expensive upfront investment including maintenance contracts to ensure that your e-learning system runs smoothly.

So what to do? Which direction should you go? It all depends on your company’s needs and resources.

  1. Many companies can afford the pay as you go hosted system. The other option is that most hosted plans give organizations the tools to train or implement varying levels e-learning usage levels. If you have 5 employees or staff members, then you only purchase licenses to train only 5. If you have 1000 usage you save money on training larger numbers.
  2. Check on system support and help tools. Is the company or e-learning service provider there when you need help? Do they charge you by the minute? How about online support and resources for the do-it-yourselfers?
  3. Review reviews about the service and don’t be afraid to try some newer service providers.. you might be amazed at the cost savings and features you can get from new companies who are trying to get your business. Of course way the cost and the benefits.

Happy e-learning! Let us know if you have questions.

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